A message from prairieHOUSE Performance regarding the federal Greener Homes Grant initiative


If you haven’t already done so, please visit Canada Greener Homes Grant (nrcan.gc.ca) for information on eligibility, available grants, and to register on the portal to request your energy evaluation with prairieHOUSE Performance. This is the first step to participating in the program. We will not be able to book an appointment or evaluate your home until you have been approved and given a registration number through the portal.

The recent program launch came months earlier than most of our industry expected, and the interest and enthusiasm of Manitoba homeowners has been impressive.

As you can imagine, our phones have been ringing constantly, voicemail limits filled, and the emails have been flooding in non-stop - more than we can practically handle and respond to in a personalized and timely manner.

I am aware that many (including us) have also had challenges accessing and registering on the portal. We hope that these technical issues will be resolved in the coming week.

Covid numbers and restrictions in our province and being able to train and work safely under our scenario creates additional challenges to our scaling for the delivery of these programs.

We are anxious to get into your homes, attics, basements, and mechanical rooms to help you in your energy efficiency endeavours and to allow you to benefit from the Greener Homes Grant initiative!

We are working hard to respond to enquiries and evaluation requests in the order they have been received.  The good news is that the Greener Homes initiative is slated to run for 7 years so there should be no fear of missing out on this opportunity.

Read through the eligibility rules and grant offerings carefully before registering. Note that there are no grants available for installation of high efficiency natural gas furnaces, but there are very attractive grants for geothermal and air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, smart thermostats, windows, doors, insulation, and air sealing.

For information on what an EnerGuide Rating System energy efficiency home evaluation entails, go to EnerGuide energy efficiency home evaluations (nrcan.gc.ca) We will be launching a new website in the coming weeks providing additional information. Thank You for your patience and understanding!

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..