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EnerGuide Rating System evaluations
Residential Energy Efficiency
Indoor Air Quality
Energy Modeling
Building Envelope Durability
Water Efficiency
Building Systems Commissioning

Greener Homes Grant initiative

If you haven’t already done so, please visit Canada Greener Homes Grant ( for information on eligibility, available grants, and to register on the portal to request your energy evaluation with prairieHOUSE Performance. This is the first step to participating in the program. We will not be able to book an appointment or evaluate your home until you have been approved and given a registration number through the portal.


What is Home Performance?

Home Performance is the field that focuses on the energy efficiency (heating costs), comfort, durability, and indoor air quality of a house.


What is Green Building?

Green building seeks to minimize the ecological impact and environmental footprint of a building


About prairieHOUSE Performance Inc.

prairieHOUSE Performance Inc. is a Manitoba-based firm providing professional consulting, advice, commissioning, testing, and home energy evaluation services in the areas of home performance, building science, and green building. We can help you make your new or existing home more efficient, more comfortable, healthier, and we can help you solve problems ranging from poor indoor air quality to ice damming.
As a regional business, we have specific expertise and knowledge of home performance issues as they relate to the unique and challenging climatic conditions of the Canadian prairies.
As a totally independent consulting firm we provide unbiased home performance guidance that home owners and contractors can trust as the best and most cost-effective advice possible.